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Resume Tips

Constructing your Resume

  • Presentation is imperative. First impressions can decide whether an interviewer will select you for the next stage.
  • Your resume should be well organised and presented in logical order.
  • Resumes should be kept to around 3 pages in length. Anything more is not likely to be read.
  • Personal details such as hobbies, are not necessary on resumes.
  • Listing your credentials are the key criteria to any resume. Ensure the writing is accurate, sharp and well written.
  • Personal photos or 'head shots' are inappropriate on resumes.
  • Ensure your current contact details are listed correctly.

Writing your Resume

  • Consideration for the position you are applying for is essential in resume writing. It is wise to attach a covering letter clearly stating the position for which you are applying for.
  • Not only emphasise your achievements, but how these benefited the company and your role within it.
  • Provide evidence of how the company benefited (ie. Factual percentages).
  • Your attitude, approach and behaviour will be a major factor in being awarded a job. Where you can provide examples of your work ethics do so.
  • Ensure your writing is interesting to encourage prospective employers to read your entire resume before making a decision.
  • The writing of your resume must also be clear and straightforward in language.
  • Ensure your strengths and abilities are clearly outlined throughout your resume.
  • Your resume must be organised in order to clearly state your previous employment history and the details of each job.
  • 'Spell check' and proof read your resume. Simple errors will be taken seriously.