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Interview Tips

Interview  Preparation

  • Presentation is imperative. Wear business attire.  If needed, prepare your interview clothes the evening prior.
  • Take with you a hard copy of your resume, in addition to any relevant documentation or folio of work.
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses, past roles and work attitude. You'll be better prepared for these questions if you've considered your responses. 
  • Consider transport to the interview and ensure punctuality. Don't be late.
  • Meet your interviewer with a simple greeting and hand shake.

The Interview

  • Maintain composure and concentration
  • Listen carefully to questions
  • Be clear and concise when speaking (though most interviewers will expect some anxiety from an interviewee. This is natural and normally taken into consideration).
  • Be prepared for the interview.  Do your research on the company, the position and if possible the people who are interviewing you.
  • No two interviews or interviewers are the same, so be prepared for a different order of events and work with the process.
  • Enthusiasm and interest is impressive.
  • Speak highly of your achievements.
  • Always be positive of your former colleagues.
  • Think about questions you may like to ask. Of course, some of these may be answered during the interview so ensure you don't repeat a question.

Some questions of consideration are:

  • Is the position new or existing?  
  • What are the role responsibilities and priorities? 
  • How will I be merited and measured successful?
  • Are there long term career opportunities available?
  • Ask what the recruiting process will be after candidate interviews are completed (if you haven't been told previously).

An interview is not only about an employer searching for the best employee. Be honest with yourself and understand that securing an interview does not mean the job will be the best for you. It is imperative however, to complete the interview and remain confident and positive throughout its duration.

After the Interview

It is good protocol to follow-up with a brief letter of thanks for your interviewer, regardless of how positive you feel.

If you have been asked to send further information, ensure this is done promptly.