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Recruitment and Management of Casual and Contract Staff

At Perkins Resources we have the expertise in finding the best pool of casuals for you. We have experience in managing casuals which ensures we have experienced people available to meet your cyclical and changing needs. We become familiar with your peaks and troughs and have a supply of people marked for your organisation in line with these trends.

All the casuals that we supply are recruited through a strict quality recruitment process. We interview, reference check and verify qualifications as well as assess culture fit and personality fit. Once you become one of our preferred clients, we tailor our database so that all potentially suitable candidates for your company are flagged. This ensures that you get first choice of candidates and that when a need arises we can quickly source from our database the candidates that will meet your criteria both technically and culturally.

Perkins Resources also takes on the role of the employer of your casuals; therefore we are responsible for paying casuals as well as paying and managing all the associated costs of having an employee on your books. This includes superannuation, work cover, public liability and all payroll taxes. We take the administration headache away from you and manage this for you. You, as a client, get a weekly invoice for the hours the casual works and we do everything else. If you currently have casuals that you would like us to manage for you, we are happy to payroll these people for you. Again, you end up with just one invoice rather than managing the paper trail that is normally associated with employees.

The people at Perkins Resources are all experienced scientists who understand the need of having the right casuals at the right time. We are also very experienced recruitment consultants, having expertise in managing large numbers of casuals from both the private and public sector. Above all we want to work with you and provide you with a flexible quality service that meets your specific needs.